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If you’re considering whether or not to join the Coopersville Chamber of Commerce, take a look at these six benefits available to our community of businesses.


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Increase Visibility and Trust within the Community

Membership in the Coopersville Chamber of Commerce can not only give you greater credibility within the community, but you’ll also gain unique opportunities for branding, advertising, and publicity.


Grow Your Business with Exclusive Resources

Every business, no matter the size, wants to grow. We can provide a complete toolkit of resources for your business, whether that’s educational opportunities, professional development, planning tools, or access to expertise from other business leaders.


Connect with Other Business Leaders

As part of a premier business leadership organization, you’ll have access to networking opportunities that will help you build valuable relationships with other leaders in the community.


Have a Partner in Your Corner

The Coopersville Chamber works to give our member businesses a voice in matters important to them while promoting ideas and policies that will benefit our community. We also help businesses navigate issues such as taxes and regulations.


We Are Stronger Together

We value our local businesses because they employ local residents, support the success of other businesses, and form the backbone of the local economy. By working together, we can foster prosperity and connection in our community.


We Are Always Growing

We create new opportunities and services to meet the needs of our constantly growing and changing community. As a member, you will be able to influence these changes and shape the future of your community.

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Membership Tiers

We have three pricing plan options to meet the needs of different-sized businesses. All tiers of membership enjoy the same great benefits.

Coopersville Chamber of Commerce

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